Indian Summer - Ballet Suite


“Indian Summer” is the temporary working title for a NEW Ballet Suite. The original music, composed by Charles Daugherty, and presented in this web site, is in ten movements, or sections.

The story is based on a TRUE episode that occurred in the SUMMER OF 1838 when the European settlers along the Eastern United States decided they wanted the lands and the GOLD that at that time belonged to several Indian tribes, and convinced the US Congress along with President Jackson to use the  US Army to drive the indians into the west, in what came to be known historically as “The Trail Of Tears”.

The story line involves treachery among some of the tribal chieftans, and a romance between a young US Army Captain and the daughter of the main Chief of the tribes. The Captain who is an aide to the commanding General, doesn’t like what is happening to the Indians, and leaves the army to join his “Indian Princess” on her journey. A unique climax is provided by the addition of a vocal chorus in the emotional and exciting finale.

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                                                                                                               (c) 2008 Charles Daugherty

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